April 24, 2014

50 years after the sexual revolution. Its kinda pathetic, really.

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April 24, 2014

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April 24, 2014



We Are All Made of Stars

oooh I love this

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April 24, 2014

#this is some like dark mage sorcerer goddess fashion going on here im diggin it so hard 


#this is some like dark mage sorcerer goddess fashion going on here im diggin it so hard 

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April 24, 2014


Motorcity poster collection

This is every event poster for Motorcity that has been created for this Tumblr so far in chronological order.


Dukeapalooza - Zoe Moss
Anime Expo Panel - Eugene Lee
ComicCon Panel - Sakari Singh
ComicCon Meetup - Marina Gardner
Comikazi Panel - Ben Li
Comikazi Meetup - Barry Kelly
Ladies of Motorcity -Edward Artinian
Portland Meetup - Phylicia Fuentes

Layout and Design for all posters - Alyx Jolivet


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April 23, 2014

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April 23, 2014

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April 22, 2014




Naoko Takeuchi is an avid fan of fashion, the following are a few inspirations fukufashion has discovered.

Setsuna - Chanel 1992

Hotaru - Thierry Mugler Fashion Week 1992 

Calaveras - Christian LaCroix Fashion Week 1992 and 1993

Koan - Christian LaCroix Fashion Week 1992

Black Lady - Yves Saint Laurent Opium perfume

Serenity - Christian Dior 1992

Naoko, my queen




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April 21, 2014



Le génie du mal [The genius of evil, aka; Lucifer]; Guillaume Geefs 

“The statue was originally a commission for Geefs’ younger brother Joseph, who completed it in 1842 and installed it the following year. It generated controversy at once and was criticized for not representing a Christian ideal.The cathedral administration declared that “this devil is too sublime.” The local press intimated that the work was distracting the “pretty penitent girls” who should have been listening to the sermons.” [x]

[The original ‘sublime’ version shown below, and the ‘revised’ one in the photoset above]


> Make sculpture of the devil

> No this sculpture is too hot for church

> Make another one

> It’s even hotter

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April 21, 2014


all of us come June

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